Kyle's Discography

Dive into a diverse collection of releases, each a testament to Noel's mastery in crafting emotive compositions that transcend boundaries. Explore his rich repertoire, spanning genres and emotions, inviting you to experience the harmonious fusion of melodies that stir the soul. Take a moment to listen and immerse yourself in the depth and beauty of Noel's musical
tapestry across his various releases.

Addicted | Boldly Changing Media | 2024

This infectious track, Kyle Noel masterfully produces a blend of the pulsating rhythms of Amapiano with the melodious sounds of steelpan, creating a unique sonic experience that is unmistakably his own. "Addicted" transports listeners to a world where every beat is an invitation to lose yourself in the music and dance until dawn.  From Kyle Noel's highly anticipated album, "Funky High Volume 2: The Lost Tapes."


Watch Out My Children | Boldly Changing Media | 2023

An additional offering by Kyle Noel, originally composed and performed by Ras Shorty I. The song is known for its catchy melody and powerful lyrics, which encourage young people to be cautious and aware of the dangers of the world. Watch Out My Children" was one of his most famous songs, and it won Producer of The Year at the 1990 Caribbean Sunshine Awards. Now, 33 years later, a reprise remix of the song has been created by 432hz Steelpan musician Kyle Noel, featuring Serina and Mili Raps.

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The 4 Elements of LOVE | Boldly Changing Media | 2023

This release is a captivating fusion of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, converging harmoniously to embody the essence of love. The enchanting melodies of the 432Hz steelpan weave a spellbinding tapestry, crafting a magical symphony that resonates with pure harmony.

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Funky High Volume I: Afro Funky | Boldly Changing Media | 2022

Embark on an exhilarating voyage with "Funky High Volume One: Afro Funky," an exploration of infectious Afrobeats intertwined with smooth house grooves and the vibrant South African amapiano style. This album is a guaranteed dance-floor magnet, promising to keep you moving to its infectious rhythms!

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B.AL.A.N.C.E | Boldly Changing Media | 2021

A unique groundbreaking musical collaboration which introduced audiences to the transformative power of the 432Hz frequency through the enchanting sounds of the steelpan instrument. Carefully crafted compositions were skillfully arranged to synchronize mind, body, and spirit, enveloping listeners in the mesmerizing and harmonious vibrations of 432Hz.

Colorful letters BALANCE cover for a steelpan release in 432hz frequency

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Moments Covers EP | Boldly Changing Media | 2020

Kyle Noel skillfully reimagines Billboard classics and Top 40 hits. Delight in the seamless compositions as Noel guides you through a captivating journey across timeless moments in music history.

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