About Kyle Noel

Kyle Noel, a versatile musician skilled in drums, percussion, and the steel pan, stands out as a virtuoso in the realm of steelpan performance. Renowned for his mastery of the four-stick technique, Kyle’s musical journey spans over 25 years, marked by captivating performances at numerous events and victories in talent competitions across his native Trinidad and Tobago. His collaborations with globally acclaimed musicians like Len 'Boogsie' Sharp, Carlton 'Zander' Alexander, Raf Robertson, and the late Earl Rodney have set the stage for his unique musical prowess to shine on an international platform.

Not just a performer, Kyle is an innovator within the steel pan community. His personal steelpan, tuned from A3 to Bb5 at 432Hz, deviates from the conventional chromed pans with its striking royal purple powder coat finish. Recently expanding his collection to include a 432Hz Low G G3 to Eb6 pan, Kyle continues to push the boundaries of traditional steelpan design.

Beyond his performance skills, Kyle is a prolific Composer, Producer, and Arranger, as well as the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Boldly Changing Media (formerly Black Carpet Movement Production Studio). Through this platform, he has collaborated with esteemed Calypso and Soca artists like Kurt Allen, Marvay, Daryl 'Farmer Nappy' Newton, and Mr. Killa, among others.

Kyle's influence extends to the theatrical realm, where he has served as a Musical Director for productions such as Eric The Musical, A Brighter Sun, Sundar, and The Pearl. Drawing inspiration from local music icons like Jason Baptiste and Larry Lee Luck. The list also includes global legends including Prince, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Fela Kuti, Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, Outkast, Lenny Kravitz and Earth, Wind and Fire. In the production realm he draws his inspiration from Quincy Jones, Rod Temperton, Timberland and Pharrell Williams.  Kyle’s eclectic style has evolved over time.

For a decade, Kyle shared his expertise as a Music Instructor at the Ministry of Education of Trinidad and Tobago. During his tenure, he also contributed for two years to the BpTT Music workshop program, imparting his knowledge of steelpan techniques.

While Kyle's music library continues to grow, his acclaimed album B.AL.A.N.C.E stands out as a testament to his artistry. This partnered project  not only introduces listeners to the harmonious frequency of 432Hz but also showcases Kyle's skillful compositions played on his one-of-a-kind 432Hz steelpan, emitting a soothing tonality.

Kyle's mission is to inspire individuals to recognize the boundless potential of being a Caribbean citizen by authentically expressing their truths and talents with excellence. He firmly believes that one’s truth is not spoken but demonstrated, and by discovering oneself, limitless possibilities become evident. For Kyle, self-discovery is the key to liberation—Knowing Yourself Liberates Everything!

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