Jason Baptiste

Jason Baptiste

Jason Baptiste, born amidst the vibrant rhythms of Point Fortin, Jason Baptiste's musical journey began at the tender age of five, as he drummed out rhythms on makeshift milk tin drums. Surrounded by a family of musicians, he was steeped in the rich musical traditions of Trinidad and Tobago from the outset.

But Jason was destined for more than just following the beaten path. Fuelled by a relentless passion and a thirst for innovation, he dared to defy convention, pushing the boundaries of his art. Opting for double tenor pans with four sticks instead of two, Jason unlocked a world of new, luscious chords, granting him the freedom to explore uncharted musical territories, from the sultry sounds of jazz to the grandeur of European classical music.

Mentored by the legendary Earl Rodney and inspired by Trinidad's musical elders, Jason honed his craft, carving out a niche for himself in the jazz circles of his homeland. His prowess on the steelpan earned him accolades, including the prestigious Pannist of the Year award from the Copyright Organization of Trinidad and Tobago.

With his boundless talent and unwavering dedication, Jason's star continued to rise, taking him on a musical odyssey across the globe. From enchanting audiences in France at the Festival de Jazz de Saint Gilles croix de vie to collaborating with renowned musicians like Daniel Givone, Jason's performances transcended borders, weaving together the diverse tapestry of world music.

His musical journey is not just about personal success—it's about passing the torch to the next generation. Jason's commitment to nurturing young talent ensures that the legacy of the steelpan lives on, as he imparts his knowledge and passion to aspiring musicians, keeping the heartbeat of Trinidad and Tobago's national instrument alive for generations to come.

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