Duvone Stewart

Duvone Stewart

Duvone Stewart is a globally recognized steelpan virtuoso known for his exceptional skill and insightful interpretations. His candid and expressive musical style resonates with both musicians and audiences, earning him respect as a cultural representative of Trinidad and Tobago. Stewart is dedicated to promoting the steelpan movement and serves as the founder and creative director of the Steelpan Chronicles Talk Show.

Stewart has achieved remarkable success in the Trinidad and Tobago National Panorama competition, making history with a triple win across the Small, Medium, and Large Band categories. He is the only arranger to lead bands to victory in every panorama competition category, including Single-pan, Small, Medium, and Large band. Under his leadership, his bands have won a record-breaking 28 Panorama Competitions across local, regional, and international stages.

His discography spans approximately 30 recordings across a diverse range of musical genres, from Bach to contemporary compositions. His debut album, "Stroke of Genius," showcases his innovative use of the Electronic Pan. Stewart has been honored with the Tobago Medal of Honour Gold for Distinguished and Outstanding Service to Tobago in the realm of Culture.

Throughout his career, Stewart has collaborated with numerous bands in Trinidad and Tobago and internationally. His extensive international experience includes working with bands in the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Born in Tobago in 1976, Stewart studied at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad. His musical journey has been influenced by the guidance of composer and musician Dr. Jit Samaroo. Currently, Stewart resides in Trinidad, where he serves as the musical director and arranger for the BP Renegades Steel Orchestra.

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