Andre White

Andre White

Andre White is a name revered for his mastery of the Steelpan, embodying excellence across various musical realms. Whether orchestrating popular tunes for a sizable ensemble, infusing vitality into a jazz trio composition, or captivating audiences solo on stage, White's musical imprint is unmistakably impactful.

His musical journey began at the tender age of six, self-taught and soon collaborating with the Long Island-based ADLIB Steel Orchestra. From these modest origins, White has ascended to claim prestigious titles, including three-time Champion in the Annual WIADCA Steelband Panorama, three-time UK Panorama Champion, and Finalist in TNT Panorama Competitions. His collaborations extend to renowned artists such as Etienne Charles, and his solo album "Liberation" stands as a testament to his artistry.

As an alumnus of Berklee College of Music, White's credentials are further enriched. Recent triumphs include winning the International Pan Ramajay Soloist category hosted by Republic Bank Exodus and arranging and performing for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with the United Kingdom's All Steel Percussion Orchestra, sharing the stage with mega-star Ed Sheeran. Witnessing White's virtuosity firsthand is transformative, redefining clarity and fluidity on the Steelpan. His victories echo a narrative of greater musical prowess yet to unfold.

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